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  • Fecha: 07-09-2023
  • Palomar Abogados


A client of Palomar Abogados, accompanied by the lawyer, exposed before the cameras of the Antena 3 program the bank fraud of which she was a victim

In response to questions from journalist Sonsoles Onega, our client, a pensioner from the province of Madrid, revealed that despite complying with all confidentiality measures regarding her security credentials, cybercriminals applied highly sophisticated technological means to cross the barriers of such a system and seize the unique security codes of her online banking.  This led to three unauthorized charges for a total amount of more than 6,000 euros.


You can see in this link the intervention of the lawyer Juan Pablo Palomar in the aforementioned television program "Hablando en Plata", by the journalist Sonsoles Onega:





The lawyer Juan Pablo Palomar explained to the television program "Hablando en Plata", presented by the journalist Sonsoles Onega, and which premiered its season under the subtitle "second-class citizens", on what was the basis of the civil liability for which the bank had to respond to its client; In this regard, it argued that the bank, upon verifying the connection of an unusual device to the customer's online banking, should have activated an anti-fraud protocol that, at the very least, temporarily suspended the process of ordering and validating the payment until the clarification of the incident, and it did not do so. Hence, our client must be compensated.


It has been a pleasure to contribute the experience of Palomar Abogados, a law firm specialising in banking law, to echo a social issue of extreme relevance, such as the security breach in the customer authentication system applied by the vast majority of banks. There is therefore an urgent need for an efficient response from the competent authorities in the banking field, and no effort is in vain, least of all on the part of legal professionals, to help implement safe and efficient measures to avoid objective situations of defencelessness for bank customers.


If you have been the victim of bank phishing, contact Palomar Abogados now. We will provide you with the transparent legal service you need so that you can claim your money.



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