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  • Fecha: 06-12-2023
  • Palomar Abogados


Palomar Abogados recovers for an Ibercaja client an amount of more than 11,000€ stolen due to fraudulent bank phishing activity

A customer of an IBERCAJA office in Madrid, after receiving a suspicious SMS, was able to verify how she had lost access to her online banking platform and a cybercriminal had taken over her usernames, password and electronic signature.


This cybercriminal, after carrying out a series of internal money transfers, consummated a transfer, the amount of which exceeded 11,000 euros, charged to the current account of the affected person.


The IBERCAJA BANCO customer, despite her complaint to  the bank, ran into "a wall", given that both the employees of the bank office and the Director of the same did not assume any responsibility under the pretext that "the transactions had been registered, accounted for and authenticated" in accordance with the current regulations on payment services.


The client contacted PALOMAR ABOGADOS. where we knew how to give him the appropriate advice. After receiving their professional assignment, we prepared an out-of-court complaint letter to IBERCAJA in which we set out, in detail, the legal reasons for our client's claim.


In just 2 weeks,  we managed to get IBERCAJA to return to our client in full the more than 11,000 euros that had been stolen.


At Palomar Abogados we are specialists in banking law.


We have recently talked in CADENA SER about the particularities of bank phishing claims; You can listen to the interview at this link




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