Terms of use

Terms of use
1. Object of the general regulations of use.

Juan Pablo Palomar Pérez offers this portal subject to these Terms of Use.

These General Conditions of Use regulate the terms and conditions of access and use of the contents of the portal " ", property of Juan Pablo Palomar Pérez, hereinafter Palomar Abogados , with DNI. 35028711X and with address C / Aztarraga, 14 CP 46008, that the user of the portal must read and accept unambiguously to use all the services and information that are provided from it.

These General Conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain information or utilities offered through the website of  Palomar Abogados (located at the URL ) are subject to special conditions of use, which, in any case, They may be consulted by the User before their activation. The User who accesses their information, content or news voluntarily and unequivocally accepts the content of these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with the content of these general conditions and use, you must refrain from browsing this portal, leaving it at this moment.

2. Benefits and content of the Portal ".

Palomar Abogados intends to inform Portal users about its organization and its activities, for which it offers through its website the services, information and facilities complementary to the user, which are detailed below:

to.  Access to information about the company.
b.  Access to the latest news about the company and / or the main activity sector
c.  Access to the different services offered by the company.
d.  Access to the sentences won.
and.  Access to contact forms according to the selected service.
F.  Access to general company contact form

In order to provide the user with the support that may be needed in his case Palomar Abogados provides a detail of its main offices as well as the different means of contact. Palomar Abogados may in the future provide the user with new content, information or additional facilities.

3. Responsibility for the process and use of the contents on the Internet.

Palomar Abogados does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programs, information or opinions, whatever the origin that circulates through its network or through the networks to which the user can access through the portal " ".

The user expressly agrees to exempt Palomar Abogados from any liability related to the portal " ". 
The user assumes under his / her own responsibility the consequences, damages or actions that may derive from the access to said contents as well as their reproduction or diffusion. Palomar Abogados will not be responsible for the infractions of any user that affect the rights of another user of " " or of third parties, including the rights of copyright, trademarks, patents, confidential information and any other right of intellectual property or industrial

4. Liability for the use of links through the portal "".

Palomar Abogados will not be responsible neither for the technical availability nor for the contents of the web pages to which the client accesses through a link included in the portal " ". The portal may contain links to other web pages, in which the information practices and conditions of use may be different from those of " ". 

Therefore, users should consult the privacy notices of the other pages they access, as Palomar Abogados does not know, control, monitor or endorse the contents thereof, and therefore is not responsible for the information provided or collected by these third parties, expressly excluding any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from access to the pages or content that link directly from " ".

Therefore Palomar Abogados declines any responsibility regarding the information that is included outside this website and not managed by Palomar Abogados Nepoco  Palomar Abogados  will be responsible for the damages caused to the user by the query or use of the contents or information offered by a page web whose access has been produced through a link included in the portal " ".

Use of cookie technology:  Palomar Abogados  reserves the right to use the so-called cookies or similar files in any type of use of the portal. However, the cookies used are only associated with anonymous users and their terminals, without providing references that allow to deduce personal data of the user. Likewise and in relation to the foregoing,  Palomar Abogados  informs you about the fact that most of the browsers in the network allow users to erase cookies from their computer's hard drive, block them or receive a message before recording some.

Social networks: This website may echo all the content published on the web through social networks or third-party websites provided that it indicates the source of the news source.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The user acknowledges that the elements and utilities integrated within the portal " " contents, brands, logos, drawings, documentation, computer programs or any other element susceptible of protection by the legislation of intellectual or industrial property, are protected by Copyright Legislation, and that Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights over them correspond to  Palomar Abogados. As a result, the user agrees to respect the terms and conditions established by these General Conditions of Use, being the only responsible for their non-compliance with third parties.

The user acknowledges that the reproduction, modification, distribution, marketing, decompilation, disassembly, use of reverse engineering techniques or any other means to obtain the source code of the bar; the transformation or publication of any test result of unauthorized references of any of the elements and utilities integrated within the portal constitutes an infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights of  Palomar Abogados  obliging itself, consequently, not to make any of the actions mentioned.

The title and the property rights on the portal will be in any case owned by  Palomar Abogados  in such a way that the user undertakes not to suppress or alter any distinctive sign used as trademark or trade name (graphic, logo, etc), element protected by copyright or other notices, legends, symbols or labels of  Palomar Abogados  that appear on the portal.

The user undertakes not to use the facilities and information of the portal to carry out or suggest activities prohibited by law or to try to attract users to other organizations.

The user will refrain from carrying out any conduct in the use of the portal that violates the intellectual or industrial property rights of  Palomar Abogados  of third parties, or that violates to transgress the honor, personal or family privacy, or the image of third parties; or that are unlawful or threaten morality; and shall in any case indemnify  Palomar Abogados  against any claim, judicial or extrajudicial filed against it as a result of said use.

The user will refrain from carrying out through the use of the portal any destruction, alteration, disablement or damage to the data, programs or electronic documents belonging to  Palomar Abogados  or third parties, as well as to introduce or disseminate in the Network programs, viruses, applets, Active X controls, or any instrument or physical or electronic device that causes or is likely to cause any type of alteration in the Network, in the system, or in the equipment of third parties. Likewise, any type of activity or practice that transgresses the principles of good behavior generally accepted by Internet users is expressly prohibited.

All the images that appear published in the portal are its sole property, being  Palomar Abogados  the holder of the Rights of Image. Any use of these images must be requested by writing to  Palomar Abogados  C / Aztarraga, 14 CP 46008 Valencia or by email to the address:

For the marketing of services or publication of press releases or posts,  Palomar Abogados can use free images typified as royalties free without implied copyrights.  In the event that any of these exposed images have any type of royalties and / or implicit image rights and  Palomar Abogados is not aware of it, you can contact  Palomar Abogados  C / Aztarraga, 14 CP 46008 Valencia or by email to the address:  indicating the URL and the image that is recorded with copyright and / or royalties and  Palomar Abogados will proceed to the immediate elimination.

6. Responsibility of Palomar Abogados for the operation of the portal

Neither  Palomar Abogados  will be responsible for the inadequate functioning of the portal " " if this is due to maintenance work, incidents that affect international operators, defective configuration of the user's equipment or insufficient capacity to support the systems essential information to be able to use the service.

7. Modifications.

Palomar Abogados  reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time, without prior notice, the presentation and content of the website, its information and services, and the General Conditions of Use. These modifications will be to improve the page, simultaneously improving the information offered to the user. In light of the above,  Palomar Abogados  requests that you review and check the general conditions of use, each time you access the website, being of your own responsibility not to do so and assuming that, even so, you accept tacitly the content of them.

In the case of having advertisers, they will not be able to access in any case directly without the express consent of the user for each occasion to their personal data. The advertisers will be solely responsible for the veracity, accuracy, and legality of their advertising being  Palomar Abogados  a mere disseminator of the same.

8. Resolution and / or cancellation.

While in principle the duration of this portal is undetermined,  Palomar Abogados  reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any of the contents, information or utilities incorporated into the portal " " without this decision having to be communicated in advance to the users. .

9. Communications.

Palomar Abogados  may direct the user to their communications either by mail, email or public disclosure of the same by any means of dissemination. Likewise, the user may direct their communications to  Palomar Abogados  through postal mail addressed to the company's registered office, C / Aztarraga, 14 CP 46008 Valencia or by email to

10. Applicable law and conflict resolution.

The Spanish Law shall apply to these General Conditions of Use. Any controversy in relation to the website " " will be substantiated before the Spanish Jurisdiction, submitting the parties to the Courts and Courts of Valencia.

Valencia, December 2017.
Last update: December 2017.