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  • Fecha: 06-10-2021
  • Palomar Abogados


Palomar Abogados leads the recovery of more than 10,000€ stolen from the client who is a victim of bank phishing

One of our clients, resident in Madrid, had recently been the target of a Bank Phishing, as a result of which an amount of more than 10,000 euros was stolen from his account.


The cybercriminal's action was implemented by sending an SMS alerting him to a possible security incident on his bank account. This SMS was followed by a phone call in which a subject, pretending to be a bank employee and under the pretext of carrying out certain checks on the security of his bank account, asked him for a "one-time" password that had just been sent to his mobile device. The customer, trusting the reality of the call, provided him with the password received on his mobile, which meant the consummation of the scam as the money was immediately snatched from his bank account.


The customer immediately contacted the bank to claim his money, and for more than a month he received nothing but ambiguous and evasive answers.


The affected party put himself in the hands of PALOMAR lawyers, we guided all the steps to follow in the claim process, and by virtue of this our professionals drafted an out-of-court claim letter that was sent to the bank, in which the events that occurred were identified, the contractual liability of the bank, the specific legal reasons on which said contractual liability was based,  and finally, the immediate return of the amount stolen was demanded.


As a result of this action, in a few days the client obtained what he could not achieve on his own in more than a month. The bank BBVA paid him the full amount stolen, in addition to sending him a letter of apology "for the inconvenience caused". You can check it in the attached document.


If you have been the target of a bank phishing, let professionals help you to adopt the appropriate cases. In a recent interview on CADENA SER, we recommend how to act if you have been affected; You can listen to it here




Come see us at Palomar Abogados, we will listen carefully to your case and conduct your claim process so that you can recover your money.



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